Located in a stunning villa in Quinta da Marinha, close to Guincho, this exceptional villa, with its unique green roof, provides a harmonious fusion between nature and modern architecture. The project was conceived by the prestigious studio CA/DR, known for its innovative and creative approach to landscape design. The result is a sophisticated garden that blends seamlessly into the local landscape, creating an aesthetically and environmentally unique experience.

Every element of the garden has been carefully thought out to create a captivating and inspiring environment. The selected vegetation is diverse and lush, with species adapted to the region and offering a wealth of colors and textures. Water plays a central role in this design, with fountains and reflecting pools strategically placed to create stunning visual effects and provide a sense of serenity. Lighting elements have been skilfully incorporated, highlighting the focal points and allowing the garden to be enjoyed both day and night. The WeGarden team was tirelessly dedicated to making this project a reality, working closely with the CA/DR studio to ensure that every detail was executed with precision and attention to detail. The end result is a garden that exceeds expectations, combining art, nature and innovation in a single stunning space.

Year : 2019

Client : Particular

Project Responsible: CA/DR