Garden Construction

Work includes land preparation, land placement, modelling, planting of large plants, installation of drainage, conductive tubes for electrical cables and underground irrigation system. Also included in this phase is the placement of decorative elements, such as fountains or waterfalls, gazebos, wooden floors, curbs and paths.

After this phase, the soil is improved with the addition of organic matter and fertilizers to provide an adequate and balanced growth for the species, followed by the remaining plantings. If there is grass, it can be sown, planted or used ready-made grass mats, being maintained until the first cut, when it becomes the responsibility of the chosen maintenance team.

Garden restoration

Depending on the state your garden is in, the solutions may be different; once the diagnosis has been made, progress will be made accordingly, promoting the necessary actions such as: lowering hedges, pruning large trees, felling and removing decrepit or already dead species, rehabilitation of an irrigation system, introduction of irrigation, lighting or drainage, creation of accesses or walkways, installation of garden furniture.

Irrigation and Drainage System

The commitment to an efficient irrigation system translates into highly profitable economic and climatic savings for our client. Knowledge of the species, their disposition on the ground, local meteorology and water availability are determining factors for the implementation of an effective and functional irrigation system, which avoids water losses, high bills and the death of plants due to excess or deficiency of water. water.

After surveying these factors, we elaborate an irrigation plan leading to the installation of the system that best adapts to the needs. These systems can be fully autonomous or remotely controlled (via a mobile phone, for example) managing irrigation according to the needs of the plants and weather conditions.

A drainage network will allow us to remove excess water from the garden, whose damage often results in the death of plants or the creation of muddy and uncomfortable areas. Simultaneously, the drainage network will be able to provide for the use and reuse of excess water.